AFC Bournemouth

Collinson worked alongside the clubs’ architects AFL to design the full size indoor training building that sits at the heart of the Clubs masterplan at Canford which will when completed in 2024/5 become a world class training complex.

AFC Bournemouth

The building features a BestHall clear span structure 77 metres wide and 107m in length with a 17m height ridge.

The Tensile Membrane covering which was manufactured by BestHall using Serge Ferrari Flexlight Advanced 1202 S2 fabric is a Polyester-fabric, coated on both sides with flame retardant PVC, treated with PVDF, weight 1050 g/ m2, tensile strength 560 kp/5 cm.

The steel frame was manufactured using only European Steel to ensure the highest possible quality as European standards ensure a stronger steel is produced, which is essential for buildings.

For a superior finish, the steel frames were powder coated (after surface treatment) at our in-house automated paint line to RAL 9003 to match the inside face of the tensile membrane for an architectural finish. This also provides a smooth surface, minimising friction between the PVC cover and the frame, thereby reducing abrasive wear on the membrane.


Investing in the future

The building was built as the first phase of the Canford sites massive development plan by the Club.

Look out for future updates as the exciting masterplan comes to life this year.


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AFC Bournemouth

Full Size Football 8239 sqm

Market Leader

As the market leader in quality, Best-Hall has received the European CE marking for its load-bearing structures. In accordance with the quality system, all materials are traceable, tested and equipped with a material certificate. Best-Hall’s designers also have the qualification of a designer of steel structures (AA) granted by FISE, which is the highest level possible in steel construction.

Collinson have been the sole partner for BestHall since 2003 offering clients world class tensile membrane structures throughout the UK & Ireland.

We believe no other fabric building will perform to the level of BestHall.

Built to Perform.


The facility is incredible

The facility is incredible, really pleased with how it is finished. We use it every evening, had zero issues so far and the players and staff love it.

Sam Gisborne - Academy Manager AFCB


If I were to do another project, the answer would be the same, Collinson.

I did all the research into various options (7No companies I recall in total, including inflatables (air domes - which I stressed to the club was not the answer) After visiting several projects done by Collinson and another supplier, my preference was the Collinson system. In terms of size, and having seen both Collinson projects at Bristol Bears and University of South Wales it was obvious to me that a full size pitch over a half or ¾ had to be the decision. On this I was 100 percent right. Cost wise Collinson were more expensive than the other supplier, however I made several calls to a number of other clubs and their project managers, the recommendations was Collinson and your system. I advised the club to proceed with yourselves. If I were to do another project, the answer would be the same, Collinson.

Darren Booth Project Manager AFCB

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