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Tensile structures that work for you

Delivered by specialist fabric contractors

Need high-quality indoor space that’s custom designed and clear span up to 100 metres?

We can design, build and fit out a tensile fabric structure that works for your business.

Our fabric structures use high-grade steel frames and heavy duty architectural membrane. They’re strong, durable and can be built to your specification. Plus, they’re often faster and more cost-effective than traditional or portal frame.


If you’re planning a sports facility, visit our fabric sports structure page instead

Indoor spaces made easy

Our fabric structures run up to 100 metres clear span. They make perfect indoor facilities because there are no internal supports holding up the roof and taking up valuable space.

Using tensile construction—a steel frame wrapped with durable membrane—we can create a custom facility for almost any application.

And whatever the application, your structure will be designed for all site conditions—including wind, snow and ground—and to comply with building regulations.

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Why choose a tensile facility for your business?

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Why choose a Collinson tensile facility?

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1.High tensile steel

Some fabric structures use aluminium frameworks. At Collinson, we use high tensile steel.

It’s durable, long-lasting, and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Using this type of steel reduces the building’s frame weight by up to 20%.

Our powder-coated steel frameworks can be finished to C5 standard for high corrosion resistance, ideal for storing sensitive materials.

2.Heavy-duty architectural membrane

A common problem with tensile sports facilities is fabric warp.

We use market-leading membrane that’s not only warp resistant, but also offers greater protection against UV, pollution and moisture.

As standard, our specialist roof fabric has triple the UV and pollution resistance of other fabrics. This increases the building’s lifespan and thermal insulation. Design-wise, it’s available coloured and in blackout (to eliminate UV for sensitive material storage).

Using this specially selected membrane also reduces the building’s cladding weight by 85%.

3.Carbon footprint

Because of the weight reductions from the steel and fabric, the groundworks needed to build the sports structure are much less.

The result? A smaller carbon footprint for your business.

4.Specialist tensile contractors

Throughout the UK you’ll find Collinson Construction clients highly satisfied with the quality and delivery of their tensile fabric structure. In fact, many of our projects come from word of mouth.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and going the extra mile, including assistance with planning permission and ongoing support.

Our skilled teams can design, build and fit-out your fabric facility. All you’ll need to do is turn the key.

Create a custom space

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Internal fit-out

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Considering a tensile fabric structure for your project?

Whether you need a quote, advice, or a ballpark price, we’re here to help.

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