Modular reception facility for Lancashire manufacturer

This project saw Collinson deliver a reception area adjoining an existing building, creating a new, welcoming and functional space.

Modular reception facility for Lancashire manufacturer

Showcasing Collinson’s modular expertise

This building showcases Collinson’s modular expertise, with the facility designed, manufactured and built on site at our Catterall headquarters.

Acting as a research and development project for Collinson’s modular division, the building is the result of a high-quality and tailored approach to design and manufacture that provides robust, architecturally pleasing buildings with long life spans.


A robust solution

With a footprint of 50 square metres, the building was constructed utilising a modular steel frame with steel floor and roof joists, along with a steel framed external wall system.

It was designed, fabricated, and constructed on site at Collinson’s manufacturing plant in Catterall, Lancashire, which also delivers a similar full turnkey modular building service for clients nationally.

A small ecological footprint

A passive house design approach was explored for this project, with a focus on thermal performance, air tightness and minimising cold bridging.

A voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, passive house design aims to reduce the building’s ecological footprint.

A modern design aesthetic

The external walls of the building are clad in a composite metal cladding system to achieve optimal thermal and air tightness performance, while a façade of square metal profile cladding has been used as overcladding to give a modern aesthetic to the building’s exterior.

Large, open expanse frameless glazing further adds to the building’s contemporary design appearance, with simple clean lines creating a distinctive architectural feature.

Bringing the outside in

This organic architectural design was carried through to the internal walls, which are finished in timber cladding to tie in with the natural cladding of the exterior, ensuring the architectural language runs cohesively throughout the building design.

A feature light funnel to the roof achieves a flood of natural light internally, while a sky view from the inside provides connectivity to the external environment. A living wall also features to allow nature to progress internally and provide a sense of calm.

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